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Fatwa issued to ban farting in Delhi Metro

06, Apr 2016 By Ajoy Kumar Singha

Delhi metro soon to be odour less
Delhi metro soon to be gas free

New Delhi. After banning “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” slogan, the influential organization Daroo-pee-ke-Ulti-Nasbandi  has issued another Fatwa to ban farting in Delhi Metro. According to the scholars in Daroo-pee-ke-Ulti-Nasbandi, farting in public places is inhuman. According to the holy book, farting causes public nuances and harmful for person inhaling it. It is more harmful when it is done in a closed compartment like Delhi Metro.

The Fatwa advises person having gas problem to stay at home and fart only when no one is around him within 10 meters vicinity and should be done only in open space. The Fatwa strictly prohibits farting in Metro and acting as if someone else is responsible for it.

Daroo-pee-ke-Ulti-Nasbandi organization is known for its forward thinking scientific thought leadership. According to a research, farting also causes global warming. Environmentalists were visibly happy when discussing the farting ban on TV channel. Many political organizations including Aam Aadmi Farty (AAF) have welcomed the Fatwa on farting.