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Father accepts daughter’s boyfriend, after he listened to live Mahalaya

25, Sep 2014 By mbolly

Kolkata: With the biggest Bengali festival knocking the doors of every Bengali household, today the City of Joy, celebrated Pitru Paksha, also known as Mahalaya. With Birendra Krishna Bhadra’s recitation reverberating in the radio speakers early morning, Ayesha Chakraborty, 27, chose her husband. Though the news might sound trifle, but actually it was rather a long process for her husband, Tanmoy Banerjee, 27.

Mahalya saved it for them

According to sources, Karthik Chakraborty, a Hindu Brahmin, father of Ayesha, who is associated with Durga puja for past five years was compelling her to marry, but “he wasn’t ready to accept Tanmoy”. “I told him, if I would marry someone that would be only Tanmoy and no one else”, she revealed. For two years this tussle between Ayesha and her father continued, during which Ayesha completed her MBA from a premiere institute and finally on this auspicious occasion her father finally bowed down to her stubbornness, but kept a condition. “If Tanmoy could impress me by listening live Mahalya early morning which would be aired in Air India, then only I would accept him as my son-in-law!” Karthik had told her daughter. “Now, as he impressed me, I would gladly give my daughter’s hand to him,” he said happily.

When asked about this, Tanmoy who is a professional computer engineer, he said, “I’m happy. It wasn’t easy for me, but I would like to thank my boss for this. He had given me a project and the deadline was today, and I was half done. I had only the previous night to complete, and for this has already kept the radio on. It was six in the morning, when I completed the project, and luckily Mahalaya started at the very same time. I think Maa Durga was too on my side this year.”

When contacted with Tanmoy’s boss, he responded, “I’m too happy for Tanmoy, but he is not going to get any holidays this year for his wedding.”