Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Falling Rupee bothers Censor Board of India

19, Aug 2013 By Suyash

The fall in value of rupee as compared to dollar has become a peck in the eyes of Indian Censor Board. There have been claims that falling rupee is destroying the clean image of censor board and is affecting the perception of people towards it. Censor Board is also planning to lay down a set of guidelines, to handle the fall of rupee.

On Monday 19th August 2013, rupee hit a new all time low when it reached a value of 63 per dollar. This behavior displayed by rupee sent a shock-wave through whole stock market. It is said that even Indian Censor Board was not left untouched by the depreciating value of rupee. If the reports are to be believed, then Indian censor board is going to set guidelines to stabilize the currency. Indian Censor Board along with RBI in a joint press statement announced that they will take all the necessary steps to save the image of currency.

We tried to ask the executive members of Censor Board, “Why they were worried about the falling rupee”? To this question they looked outraged and said no one has right to deign below them. With Shreemati Sherlyn Devi already wearing a coffee cup and our beloved Pakistani neighbor Veena Malik trying to maintain the equal standards, how could they allow Indian rupee to fall below them? Even Sherlyn Devi was present at the press conference and she refuted the claim that she was wearing just a coffee cup, and rather preferred not wearing even that. When our reporters tried to question her that why falling rupee makes her nervous, she said that it hurts her image.

Sources close to us said that these days falling rupee is a global trend. Now nobody seems more interested in anything else than noting how much further rupee has fallen. Infact bookies have also left cricket and likes of Sreesanth Baba and have started betting on falling rupee. Such a chaotic environment has left Sherlyn and co desperate. Their any previous publicity stunts posted on social or wired media is unable to attract large audience. Visualizing such a volatile scenario, Indian Censor Board (headed by Sherlyn Devi) has moved a petition (signed on to the Prime Minister. Prime Minister could soon be found quoting that “We will try to take appropriate steps”, while the main opposition party might claim steps taken are not mention worthy.