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Faking news congratulates the mosquito that bit Vidya Balan

21, Sep 2016 By mukund

Delhi. While wishing Ms. Vidya Balan a speedy recovery from Dengue, Faking news congratulates the mosquito that bit her!

Dear Mosquito,

I know that you folks have 15 day life span, I am writing this hoping you are alive .Well you are one lucky fellow, not because you bit Vidya Balan but you escaped media scrutiny. Scrutiny so harsh that would make you regret your decision of biting a celebrity rather than poor hapless soul at Sarojini Nagar.

1. Where exactly did you bite her? More importantly, how exactly did you feel after the bite?

2. A few websites would design click baits that you were “caught” biting her and this was happening with her complete agreement

3. The opportunity of being slotted as a “aaptard” “congi” or a “bhakt”

4. Not sure if you are on social media but you would be trolled enough to wish that your 15 day life span reduces to 7 days

5. Panel discussions where you would have realized that shouting others down is not as easy as biting to sickness

6. Having to give sound bytes once in Hindi, English and a regional language

7. You also my dear friend missed an opportunity appear on Big Boss, a possible Bollywood career or being the ambassador of an IPL franchisee to feature on TV again.

By the way you forget this stupid list of things, after you bit her “ Did you catch the acting bug?”