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Fair & Lovely launches new product "Unfair & Hateful" to redeem its name amid racism controversy

14, Apr 2017 By electroman

Fair & Lovely has found itself in the middle of a huge controversy regarding racism. People in India are calling it as an agent of racism. They are saying that F&L is promoting whiteness as a good trait and portraying black skinned people as villains and unsuccessful in life. After taking a huge blow in their marketing campaign, they are now bouncing back with a new product.

There is a market for reverse journey (fair to dark) too: Fair & Lovely just learnt
There is a market for reverse journey (fair to dark) too: Fair & Lovely just learnt

They are launching a new product called “Unfair & Hateful” which will turn white people in to black. This will help white skinned north Indians to mingle with South Indians easily. It will turn white people in to black people in just 7 days. Tarun Vijay has welcomed this move. He has ordered a jumbo pack for his family and went to live with a south Indian neighbor.

Sakshi Maharaj opened his diarrhea mouth to utter some gems for the welfare of he society. He claimed white skin is the cause for rapes in India. That white color attracts young men’s attention. He asked all white Indian girls to buy and use the cream and stay invisible to their radars.

Fair & Lovely is trying to rope in AKON, Djimon Honshou and Jack Black(sic) as brand ambassadors for their new product. Yami Gautam was deeply disappointed by this move.

Most people want to follow an even cheaper route. Just rile up Shivsena by talking trash about Marathi values or Shivaji or vada pav. They will gladly come over and blacken your face with ink for free.