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Facebook helps UP police find minister's lost puppy

14, Dec 2013 By Anil Sharma

Lucknow: While everyone is talking about the disadvantages of the top social networking site Facebook, UP police is actually thanking Mr. Zuckerberg for creating it. According to our reliable sources Facebook has helped UP police find a minister’s lost puppy.

Lucky puppy

The puppy named Softy belongs to Pappu Yadav, who is a senior leader of Samajwadi Party and is also a minister in Akhilesh’s government.

An year back, Pappu Yadav found him playing on the road astray, adopted him and brought him to his office. Where with his fellow party members named him Softy in consensus, his name was adapted from the name of the President of Samajwadi Party. Reportedly, Softy, the puppy was just a few months old when brought to Pappu Yadav’s house. Pappu Yadav taught him tricks and sniffing, eventually he grew fond of Softy, and then loved him like his own family.

Softy was lost three weeks ago when Pappu Yadav left him in the nearby Police Station to play with the cops as Pappu was in a hurry to attend a meeting.

“I thought Softy would be safe in the police station and the cops would teach him tricks like how to steal your neighbor’s newspaper and all. But when I came back in the evening to pick up Softy, I was shocked to see that he wasn’t there and all the cops were sleeping. I woke them all up and we searched for him at every possible place but only to learn that Softy was lost. It was devastating for me,” Pappu Yadav told Faking News.

“Although, Softy was not liking it to stay with the cops but  when I told him that they are UP policemen and not from the CBI, he agreed to play with them,” Pappu Yadav said sighing.

“But thank God that the cops find him. They’ve done a great job knowing the fact that when we’ve fired all our hard-working and honest officers.” Pappu said smiling.

Our reporter was quite surprised to find out that the cops find Softy with help of Facebook.

“I was terrified when Softy got lost from my police station, I knew that my job was in danger. I personally played Softy, the puppy’s role at the minister’s house for several days just to keep Pappu jee calm. It was quite an exhausting job,” station in charge senior inspector Kaamchor Singh told Faking News.

“We spend most of our time sleeping or playing Facebook. So, yesterday I was flipping through my Facebook timeline and suddenly I saw a picture of Softy with a caption saying ‘one like = one bone’. I recognized Softy immediately,” senior inspector Kaamchor Singh said.

“I instantly send the link to Pappu jee for identification and we followed the lead as soon as Pappu jee confirmed that it was his puppy,” Kaamchor Singh stated.

According to Kaamchor Singh Softy was rescued from an abandoned plot scared and hungry. As soon as he found his beloved master Pappu Yadav, he jumped up to him wagging his tail.

Sources say that with this incident Kaamchor Singh has become the super-cop of the state and will be rewarded soon by the CM Akhilesh Yadav as it is the first case UP police has solved in last three years.