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F.R.I.E.N.D.S Banned, UP CM objects to Joey's 'moo point' dialogue

22, Oct 2017 By Shalin Sheth

In a major setback to the fans of the popular TV show FRIENDS, the Uttar Pradesh government has banned the telecast of the sitcom across the state. The reason is touted to be one of the dialogues said by Matthew LeBlanc’s character, Joey Tribbiani. Joey allegedly said that a cow’s opinion does not matter, while offering advice to his good friend Rachel.joey-friends-shocked-face-theory

“I don’t think any justification is required for this ban,” said CM Yogi Cowdityanath. “Joeyji (sic) has clearly implied that a cow’s opinion does not matter. How can he say that? It’s as good as saying God’s opinion is irrelevant to this world. This has to be taken care of; such incidents, if not controlled, can give birth to communal flare-ups. The citizens want law and order, a clean Ganga river, corruption-free government, etc., but I think the need of the hour is to return to basics, that is our roots. If that is not taken care of, what’s the point of achieving all these things? It’s all a moo point (sic).. sorry, I mean it’s pointless.”

He further went on to add that while he admits he loved the show, he stopped watching it after Joey loved the ‘English trifle’ cooked by Rachel, where she mistakenly adds beef along with sauted peas and onions, which transpires into a hilarious series of events. “Joeyji ki yahi samasya hai. He loved the trifle even though it had meat while it was supposed to taste like feet. I think the point he’s trying to make is bhai hum to isi tarah beef khate rahenge, tum kya kar loge? This is wrong and unacceptable.”

Meanwhile, ex-CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani, who was recently ousted as the chief of the board had something to say as well. “I think the USA needs me. I’ve effectively restrained the Indian cinema from projecting unwanted content. They (USA) have a significant customer base in India, and the kind of content they’re producing is not leading us to our dream ‘Ram-rajya’. I’m available if they need me, anytime.”