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Eying Subrata Roy's bail, Sahara announces movie "Ek tha Builder" starring him

10, May 2015 By sonal2015

In a surprise move Sahara India announced the new movie “Ek tha Builder“, with money it has raised so far to repay the investors. Sabrata Roy will be playing the lead role in this movie and the other cast is yet to be finalized.

Subrat Roy Sahara
Subrat Roy giving a cool Bollywood celebrity look

In a press conference in Mumbai, company spokesman indicated that this decision was taken on the advice of their legal counsel who seems to be motivated with Salman’s lawyers.

When Faking News reached out to defense lawyer Mr. Chalve, he said: “This serves dual purpose, In short term this helps Subrata to stay out  of jail on parole to complete the movie but on long term this will also help in procuring the bail.”

Inside sources mentioned that currently company is not in a position to raise 10000 crores for a bail.

However success of recent cases of Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan prompted them to go with alternative strategy. While out on parole Mr. Roy will also form charitable organization which will be called “Being Newman“.

Number of Bollywood celebrities have expressed their support on twitter and #EkThaBuilder  had been trending.