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Exclusive interview with Rahul Gandhi

05, Nov 2013 By nandakumar

Now that everyone anyone who matters have exhausted their opinion on opinion polls, Faking News reporter realized that the sane voice of RaGa has not been heard on this subject. In an historic exclusive interview, during which the reporter felt he was on a Mars orbit, RaGa spoke from his heart as usual.

Reporter: Rahul what do you think of opinion polls?

RaGa : First let me get to the basics. Opinion is a state of mind. Polls are like bees collecting honey in a beehive.

Reporter: Do you feel opinion polls are reliable?

RaGa: Opinions keep changing. Like we change our pants and shirts, opinions also have to be changed frequently. Sometimes opinions change very fast with the escape velocity of Jupiter and it very difficult to keep track. The best thing in such situations is to dream.

At this point RaGa went inside his house and returned after two minutes.

Reporter: What is your message to the common man regarding opinion polls?

RaGa : I have just returned after wiping off my mother’s tears. She wept on hearing my response to your questions. My message to the common man is that there is no need for them to have opinions. I say this because our Government has given them RTI, Food Security, Land  and non stop entertainment in the form of our spokepersons. Since UPA provides all your basic needs there is no need for common man to have opinion.

Opinion is poison. That is my message.