Monday, 19th February, 2018

Exclusive interview of a senior officer of Delhi Police

22, Dec 2012 By Anil Sharma

Reporter: First of all tell our viewers that why your men are firing tear gas shells? Why the lathi-charge?

Officer: The protesters are breaking the law, and it’s our duty to punish those who break law and to stop them from doing what they are trying to do.

Reporter: Ironically that’s what they are asking you to do. All they want is a better and a safe place to live, don’t you think so?

Officer: If they want a safe place to live then I’d suggest that they should move out of Delhi, better out of India. Because we are more keen about the safety of our Politicians and our respected guests…I mean terrorists.

Reporter: Anyway, still there are young women in the crowd of protesters, your men can hurt them?

Officer: That’s the problem, there are so many young women in the protest and my men cannot tease them. This makes my men more frustrated.

Reporter: So what are the next steps you’re planning on about the protest going on?

Officer: Nothing, we are just waiting for the dusk, when it becomes too cold to bear,  protesters might feel the cold and go home, just like we do when we are on night duty.

Reporter: Why none of your superiors, I mean the ministers are not coming out and addressing the protesters and telling them to keep calm?

Officer: Are you mad, it’s Saturday, weekend time. Who comes out of their houses on weekend evenings.

Reporter: Well, at least, the superior of all superiors in Delhi, Sheila Dikhsit is sharing her emotions on several news channels. That’s a positive, Han?

Officer: Oh no no, you’re talking about the tear thingy, It’s not what it looks like. It’s just  because we accidentally smacked her with a tear gas bomb.

Reporter: Let me ask you this straight, why it’s not safe to walk in Delhi at night?

Officer: How come I know, I and my other colleagues, we never come out of our houses after 7 pm.

Reporter: But don’t you think that you guys should handle all this with patience as most of the protesters are young blooded and angry?

Officer: We could, but they said that Delhi Police is useless, they have no guts and all the bad stuff about us. We are just showing them how powerful we are.

Reporter: One last question…

Officer: Sorry, I’ve to go, I’ve to pick my daughter from her friend’s house. It’s already very late.

He refused to answer any more questions, maybe he was too worried about his  daughter’s safety. Wish he had the same concern for someone else’s daughters too.