Saturday, 17th March, 2018

Exam toppers from several cities, abducted mysteriously

11, May 2015 By siddharthjani

Mumbai. When Ravikant Shah (name changed) disappeared mysteriously from his study room, on 5th May, 2015, it was believed to be a case of ransom. His affluent Mumbaikar parents were perplexed when they didn’t receive any calls from the kidnapper. On 7th May two students from Vadodara, disappeared mysteriously from their study rooms as well. On the same day, three students from Patna were abducted.

The police were vexed, as the kidnappers never called the parents.The local crime branch head of Vadodara states, “It seems to be the work of an organization. A single person isn’t at all capable of carrying out such meticulously planned abductions.”

After rigorous brainstorming sessions, and violent investigations, the police have come up with the theory, as stated by inspector Patel of Gujarat police during an interview on 9th May, “There is no particular pattern. The only common link is the role played by all the abducts. All of them are veritable toppers of their respective cities. They had just topped their tenth board exams and had begun their vacation classes in full gusto. Secondarily, they were all captured from their study tables, precisely. We believe that it is the work of an organization of disgruntled students who didn’t fare well in their exams. We hope to gather enough evidence in time, to catch them and at the same time, endeavour to salvage the abducts.”

All we can do is pray, while we wait for the return of these prodigious and insufferable children(not so insufferable anymore), who would bring further laurels to their respective schools, if they don’t lose their spectacles in the process.

Paranoid parents of several cities are plucking students from elite tuition classes, purely out of fear. There is a grave drop in the credentials of several prestigious schools, all over the country. Several schools have been shut down purely out of ‘lack of purpose’. Predictively enough, there is a spiralling drop in student suicide rate, all over the nation; and it is quite safe to state that, fear is a ‘double edged sword’.

Myriad psychiatrists and student counsellors have called this, what is turning out to be the trendiest term of the decade: ‘The dunce plague’.