Wednesday, 24th January, 2018


07, Jul 2012 By Rekha Joshi

Ramdevji asked by faking news, “Baba , what you want to say about “god-particle’’. Ramdevji replied, “Nothing new, our ancient rishi, muni have found it long back. In fact I have done a research on ‘evil particle” and I am going to announce it on august 9 about it. I don’t need to go to Geneva for that. Jantar Mantar or Ramlila Maidan is enough for that announcement. It is the same thing, the mass and matter. Mass is in India and matter is in Swiss bank.

Faking news asked, “so many scientists participated at Geneva to support and prove “god particle”. How can you alone prove “evil particle”, it is a difficult job. Baba said, “I am not alone, I have Annaji, Kejeriwalji, Kiranji, Sri Sri and many more”. Faking news asked, but more investigation is required to establish the certainty, have you done that. Baba replied, yes we have done that. It is very difficult to detect that “evil particle” but we have just found it within 2 years. We don’t need 40 years like Geneva scientists.

Faking news asked, “Can you explain the difference between “god particle” and “evil particle”. Baba said, “god particle” takes a lot of energy to create one, “evil particle” takes a lot of corruption to create one. It is very difficult to destroy “evil particle” because one particle attracts the other and it converts into mass energy. You know the Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2. My equation is C= FDI+2G.

Faking news asked, “Baba, have you found all the particles?” Baba said, “no, small particles don’t smash us, so we don’t want to waste our time in detecting them. Once we will announce and expose about big particles, energy level of small particles will automatically go down and they will become weaker”.

Faking news asked, Baba, now last question, how you will differentiate yourself from Higgs boson. Ramdevji replied, Higgs boson spent billions of dollars to find ‘god particle “which we did it in ancient times without food, without clothes, without laboratory and without spending money, in a cave and under a tree in jungle. We Indians don’t spend money for research work. It happens on its own. We will bring billions of dollars to our country by “evil particle”.