Sunday, 25th February, 2018

Every goat has its special day

02, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Everywhere particularly in the Muslim localities, the goat’s continuous bleats are echoing. The goats are receiving three-star treatment these days. This particular occasion is more or less centered on caring of the goat’s different breeds in white, black and brown colours. These are sacrificial animals though utmost attention before Eid-ul-Zuha increases for this animal. The goat owner arranges Babool or Peepal or Kathal’s wider leaves for its consumption. The whole of the house remains alert and attentive in care of this exceptional animal. The children even are found taking the animal to their grandmother’s home if existing in the vicinity.

The goat must be at least one year old. It must not be bodily defective. The moneyed Muslims first ascertain its availability from impromptu goat markets. After purchasing it they make safe preparation for its place of abode. In the city areas, the houses do not remain quite spacious so many problems are faced for its temporary accommodation. Extra precaution is maintained in providing timely foods to the animal. Even people in the neighbourhood show pity on these goats. It is on this very festive occasion the goats are better treated like any other important being.

What irks the person most is the enquiry about the purchase amount of the healthy goat. Despite knowing the very fact of avoiding this query people have developed a habit of seeking answer at all. When one person along with the white-coloured tall goat was questioned at its price, he simply evaded the answer. Then, the bearded man heading towards the mosque for daily prayer told him how he had stopped the quick habit of making hands’ dirt-free just after throwing clay on the grave.  He accepted that the money did not matter in the Qurbani obligation. The most vital thing was a willingness in performing this duty.