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"Eve teasing is initiation of communication & Stalking reduces gender gap", Feminists defends UP romeos

28, Mar 2017 By manithan

Lucknow: The newly installed BJP government in Uttar Pradesh has come up with series of announcements within weeks of assuming office. And one of its drive – Anti Romeo squad – has earned more ire from the Indian intellectuals.

Landing at the capital city, a reputed feminist-cum-liberal Savita Rama has taken a rally to pledge their support for the innocent Roadside Romeos. At the backdrop of the rally, she spoke to Faking News, “BJP government, be at state or centre, has always been trying to stifle the freedom of expression of people. And now, a Hindutvavadi at the helm of UP is trying to attack on the personal life of innocent young men.”

Liberalism is ONLY our culture
Liberalism is ONLY our culture

“Why is this government always interfering on the personal choices of people? If a young man goes behind a girl, it is natural. Does this government expect young men to go behind cows and milk them but not girls? This is fascism on the rise!”, shouted the feminist who had earlier pounced on a BJP spokesperson during a debate on Snoopgate.

” I guess it is time we call spade a spade. Eve teasing breaks the barrier between boys and girls and makes them get to know each other. Like how ragging reduces the gap between seniors and juniors, stalking reduces the gap between men and women. Modi might claim that he has reduced gender gap by Beti Bachao, but only Stalking can reduce the real gender gap.”, said the feminist Savita as she proceeded back to lead the rally against UP government.

A leading news reporter working for SP UP, revealed the background to this regressive anti-Romeo squad, “Boys will be boys. Why can’t we accept it and move on? Even our Indian Lincoln Akhilesh Yadav’s Dad had said this in the past. If men cannot go behind and catcall women, are they going to do the same for men? Is RSS promoting homosexuality in UP? UP was heaven under Akhileshji. But now..” The reporter received a call from her boss, after which she declined to comment further on this issue. “Paycheck issue”, she said and left the spot.

Meanwhile, Roadside Romeos and Eve Teasing groups across the country have started showing their support for affected parties of UP by organising road shows and street plays on how Eve teasing and Stalking is beneficial to women and how misogynistic Yogi Adityanath is.