Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

Erect water pools instead of washing vehicles

14, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: When the children are now feeling extensive relief from their normal routine study and home works after their short or long summer vacation, they extremely wish to beat the severe heat in bathing into the pools of water. But it is available only at the selected spots. This complicated situation hampers the mischievous children to cool their body temperature under the sweltering sun. There are overheard saying of intense glare of the sun during the daytime so they find it difficult to play in the open. Their complaint is correct and acceptable to a larger extent. That’s why they eagerly yearn for taking joy in the swimming pools. It can be possible in their respective localities if the Corporators would plan to erect the provisional readymade ponds and get them filled with that quantity of water being wasted in the washing of the innumerable vehicles at different city’s service centres daily.

Although an observers’ team has been keeping their watchful eyes over the existing service centres yet there is not surety of hundred percent controls on this usual practice. It has been found that the vehicles are still being washed by the strong, forceful and exact torrents of the required water. Though the district administration has put a control over as many as 36 washing service centres in Nazirabad area here, the operators in Harshnagar, Bakarmandi and Mall Road areas were openly flouting the authorities’  strict order and indulging in cleaning of the small and heavy vehicles. Meanwhile, taking cognizance of the matter the Nagar Ayukt has strongly said that a strict action would be taken against the tricksters. The water supply connection of the service centres would also be checked herewith.

By and large above 4000 litres of water is used in washing down the vehicles from two-wheelers to the heavy trucks. If this quantity of water is directly stored in a water pool instead of flowing into the roadside drains, the use of clean water will be more practical. On the one hand, the children will be benefited directly from the water pool and afterwards the dirty water will be drained out in the rows of the parks maintained by the civic bodies. All those children, using the pool, will not hesitate to pay a nominal charge of enjoying the benefit of the water pool and thus the Kanpur Municipal Corporation will drag out its expenses without difficulty through the simple way of the usage charge.

Since the strict order for stopping the water wastage has been issued, the rate fixed for washing vehicles has gone up tremendously. The four-wheelers charge has been raised from Rs 125 to Rs 150. While the two-wheelers fee has come up to Rs 40 from existing fee of Rs 30. This is side-effect of the administrative order. Economics is simple here. Demand is more or less the similar but the other factor has made the service centres making hay while the sun shines vertically.