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Engineers booked Valentine's Day flight tickets in advance after watching SpiceJet's Holi Celebration

24, Mar 2014 By Sandeep Singh

Delhi: The Bollywood style Holi Celebrations might have unfolded many problems and controversies for the SpiceJet Airlines but their stunt clearly proved as an effective marketing tool.

Students excited for the
Students excited for the “Balam Pichkari” 35,000 Ft. above the ground.

The CEO of SpiceJet released a press bite yesterday,”DGCA might be a little rough with us but we sure have consolidated a solid place in people’s hearts. We are already booked on the 14th Feb of 2015. This type of early bookings are not usual.”

The private airline however reveled the undercurrent of the matter unofficially, “The engineers are booking tickets like crazy since that video went viral. I am sure that they are expecting something similar on V-Day. Arey this is still subtle. You won’t believe there were almost riot like situation when it came to the bookings on No-Bra-Day,” reported a source on the condition of not being named.

Other Airlines have also stepped up to the competition, it is believed that Indian Airlines would celebrate Raksha Bandhan on a grand scale this time whereas Kingfisher Airlines might fly on some of the occasions which is also a positive sign to see.