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Engineering students vow to take bath as their contribution to Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan

03, Oct 2014 By Srivy Anand

Under the spotlight of a billion eyes Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the country’s biggest ever cleanliness drive on Mahatma’s Gandhi’s birth anniversary.

Not to be left behind, the Engineering Students Federation of India (ESFI) announced its solidarity with the drive by announcing that the engineering brethren will play their part in making the drive successful by taking a bath.

The spokesperson for ESFI announced that circulars were sent to all the engineering colleges across the nation, persuading them to make arrangements for their students to take a cleansing bath for the sake of their country’s cleaner tomorrow.

Engineering students on normal days.
Engineering students on normal days.

This unprecedented move was vetoed by the bigwigs of the engineering student unions as it was brought to light that deodorant manufacturers and retailers were largely milking the Engineering student market by unfairly cashing in on the hectic schedules of an average engineering student which is spread out with sunlit hours full of multiplayer gaming and sleepless moonlit hours of social networking.

Students were reportedly getting alien to the concept of taking a bath, making bare minimal exceptions on Date days and Party days. A student, who wishes to remain unnamed, mentions he only took baths as a part of a quid pro quo with God when exam result days were near and begging for marks by religious means was the need of the hour.

Several colleges have already swung into action and have announced public group bathing assemblies and started sending invites for the same. One such recipient of the invite, Faking News reporter pseudo_intellect read out the invite that said that he would be issued free recharge if he invited 9 people and made them to come to public group bathing assembly and also make them invite 9 more people to form a chain, and work towards a Clean India.

Meanwhile ESFI took an oath pledging their commitment towards the drive for a Clean India and a Clean Engineer, the latter being an extension of the former, by propagating that from today, engineering students will take bath for at least 100 hours per year.

PM Modi appreciated this move and urged that this campaign should be taken seriously by each and every person as Bharat would emerge to be Swachcha Bharat only if every single person of this country takes the responsibility and doesn’t abstain from bath.

A certain section of the engineering community remained sceptical about the move as they protested that it will cause more dirt to flow in the sewers and hence they argued that it’d be better to abstain from taking a bath for a Swachcha Bharat.

They further added that daily bathing is waste of water and soap altogether. They also seemed to trend #MassBunkOnBathing on Twitter to raise voice against what they considered as dictatorship and an abuse of free will.

However the rhetoric of student power playing a primary role in the campaign prevails as the hoopla lingers over all engineering students taking bath to officially launch their support for Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan.