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Engineering students to help Bajrang Dal in disrupting Valentine's day celebrations

07, Feb 2014 By venkatkaushik

While it is widely known that there are not many girls in engineering colleges like IITs and NITs, some students have been found to be flooding at local offices of Bajrang dal for registration. It is rumored that these students had been trying to get hooked up till last year and out of being desperate and owing to the lack of girls in their campuses, they had decided not to let any couple to roam around in the campus on valentines day.

Valentine's Day
One day that ever Engineering student hates.

Some of the administrations are apparently supporting this move from the students and are providing help through cutting off roses from plants in the campuses before rose day. Sources also say that they are going to purchase all chocolates and toffees to prevent chocolate day, let dogs out in the campus to stop any activity while they are out.

“This is not the first time. We did a ‘Maryada rally’ the last year followed by a ‘Chetavani Rally’ just before valentines day and scared the hell out of couples that there are no couples out there,” said Mr. Babu Akela, spokesperson of IIT Bajrang dal who had recently changed his name to the same for the purpose.

Inspired from this move of the last year, the present committee of IIT Bajrang dal is planning to start from the very first day of valentine week. Our sources also say that there are no roses found in any of the IIT Campuses. Also they found all the chocolates and teddy bears sold out.

Babu Akela also says that they’ve taken enough norms to prevent any rose, chocolate and teddy bear days from happening and the main challenge is to stop hug day, kiss day and Valentines day from happening. Girls, especially committed ones from all these institutions have been trying to prevent this from happening by threatening members of Bajrang Dal of tying Raksha Bandhan to their hands if they wouldn’t allow Valentines day from happening.

“The Bajrang dal members wouldn’t mind getting raksha bandhan as they know they are not going to be committed while staying in these institutions. If the girls really want to let valentines day happen by ways like showing interest in us, that would do too!” said Babu Akela with a quirky smile which apparently revealed their hidden intentions and desperate need of a girl friend.