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Engineering students protest after MP government banned “Shivani Question Bank”

05, Jun 2014 By Pratik Purohit

Bhopal: Thousands of engineering students flocked outside state secretariat to protest against Madhya Pradesh government’s decision to ban shivani question bank.

Shivani question bank popularly known as Shivani among engineering students and teachers, consists of questions asked in previous years question paper and their solutions. It is considered as only way to clear examination apart from praying god, among engineering students who start their study only after announcement of exam schedule.

A viral pic on Facebook which was uploaded by an engineering student on Mother’s day to wish Shivani Mata

“We too are citizens of this state. Why government is not thinking about us? What is the need of ban on shivani? Instead of reading one subject from two-three reference and text books, we can read whole subject from just one book and can even score well,” shouted a protester outside secretariat.

“Everything is getting compact nowadays than why not our books,” argued fellow protester.

While one engineering student who was protesting there got emotional and said in tears, “Shivani is like my mother. During exam days, my mother takes care of me outside examination hall while my Shivani mata takes care of me inside examination hall. Why they are trying to keep me away from my Shivani mata?”And he started to sob while fellow students were trying to calm him down.

Various private engineering colleges affiliated to Ragiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV), are also backing students. On condition of anonymity, a trustee of private engineering college said, “Due to Shivani, students can easily score in examination. There is already recession in education industry. We don’t want to invest our money in unprofitable things like faculty improvement, educational resources etc, to improve student’s score in examination when Shivani can do it easily.”

In contrast to students and engineering colleges, educationists welcomed decision of government. One of prominent educationist added , “This is very good decision by government. Now students have to study from books and this will definitely improve their knowledge. And this is the problem with shivani engineers, knowledge. I hope that government would not change its decision under any pressure.”

Some of the educationist also raised their doubt about professional relationship between publishers of Shivani Question Bank and professors who design question papers.