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Engineering students do dharna in Bangalore on Wipro's "not loyal" remark

19, Mar 2014 By pkpmi

Bangalore. Engineering students sat on a dharna in front of the Wipro headquarters in the city after the global head for Wipro’s campus recruitment said that Non-engineering students more loyal.

Some of the remaining engineering students who were still in Wipro resigned to show that they are very loyal to the engineering victims across the country.

Showing loyalty by damaging their lungs together.
Showing loyalty by damaging their lungs together.

Their leader, Arvind Kejriwal, told to the Faking News that, Engineers are so loyal that one can hardly find an engineer in Politics, and this was the reason that he was not able to survive in Delhi.

He came out strongly against Wipro, saying that this is worse than what Reliance was doing.

Another Engineer in the dharna added, “loyalty of the Engineering Students can be seen in every aspect of our life, from 100 same assignments submitted to the professor, to all zeroes in the exams. We are so loyal that even girls find us boring and are getting extinct from our campuses”.

He was quick in mentioning that they all watch the same movies, wear similar jeans and slippers to college to show they’re loyal to their friends. They play through the night to show they’re loyal to the games they like.

Meanwhile girls came in the support of Wipro and said that even they were moving away from Engineering colleges to other streams of Arts, Law and Humanities in search of loyal boys.

Azim Premji, who himself is an engineer, and a very loyal citizen of india, caught between the Recruitment head and Students, is expected to come up with statement of apology.