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Engineering students demand 'Old Monk' as national drink inspite of tea

24, Feb 2014 By Baawra Chhora

Opposing the move suggested by Montek Singh Ahluwalia to declare tea as the national drink, engineering students have demanded ‘Old monk’ the popular rum brand as the national drink.

National Drink?
National Drink?

A group of engineering students called BBP ( Budding Bewda Party) has claimed that 99% of the students consume the liquor as opposed to the 83% of tea. “Old Monk is the drink of aam engineering student,the budding bewda. Has Mr. Montek ever heard of a guy in a female-deprived engg. college going to a chai-ka-tapra when his proposal was rejected, or the night he failed at the written round of last recruiters ? It is very clear that Mr. Ahluwalia wants to make tea as national drink because he travels in train compartments. The steel for these compartments is made by TATA the same company which makes TATA tea. Against this cruelty and favoritism , we will do dharna outside all thekas till we are heard. We ask all students to join us, we will recommend 50% discounts to students who joined the dharna after it is successful,” said BBP secretary while he was busy writing an open letter to Mr. Ahluwalia.

Another group of students suspected why BBP are promoting a foreign brand, and claimed they are foreign funded.