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Engineering students demand names of companies that shall come for placements before joining the college

29, Nov 2013 By Tanuj Khosla

In what can be seen as direct repercussion of the tough economic conditions in the country, DESI (Dostana of Engineering Students in India), the leading body representing interests of current and prospective engineering students, has demanded that engineering colleges provide a list of companies that shall come for placements four years later at graduation, at the time of admission.

Condition of Unplaced Engineers.
Condition of Unplaced Engineers.

“At the beginning of the course, we need colleges to provide us with the names of the companies that shall come for recruitment in the final year.” said Pappu Pass , the Vice-President of DESI.  “It will help students decide the return on their investment both in terms of time and money.”

But engineering colleges are having none of this. Said Rishwat Kumar, the politician cum entrepreneur and owner of Aaram Karo College of Engineering “As if bribing hundreds of different government authorities for approvals wasn’t enough, now we need to bribe companies to come to our campus!! That way we will have nothing left for ourselves. This is a business not a charity. I oppose this demand!!”

When pointed out that companies can come to campus for placements if the faculty, students and infrastructure are of high standards, he retorted “Who will come? Forget anybody else; even I won’t hire students passing out of my engineering college!!”

Said another engineering college owner on the condition of anonymity, “We heard a similar demand from DESI two years ago when only one out of five hundred students in the batch got placed. He was hired by his father to sit at his shop. At that time we entered a tie-up with over twenty IT companies under which they would hire students from our college and fire them within six months. We paid them Rs. 5000 for each student they put through this ‘process’. However the deal broke up during the first month itself when many students broke computers at their offices while ‘looking for a bug’ in the software program. What do we do now?”

Faking News approached a few engineering aspirants for their views on the issue.

“The list shall certainly be useful in many ways” quipped Lucky Bahl , a Class XIIth student “For example, I can afford to chill for four years if only desi IT companies like Wipro and Infosys are coming to the campus as they take anybody who has ten fingers. However if Microsoft is coming then my father would force me to slog my ass off to be among the toppers. I can consider passing on that engineering college in such a scenario.”

Said Jugaad Khan, another engineering aspirant, “I am not those studious types. But I am very good at doing settings.  If I have a list of companies that are coming for placements four years in advance, then I can spend those years wining and dining the HR people in them and extract an offer letter by the end of my third year itself. Who knows, I may even be able to pull strings for couple of other batchmates of mine and get some nice commissions out of them. I support this demand by DESI!!”

Faking News caught up with Tanuj Khosla, its in-house expert on such matters. “These are the days of long-term planning.” said Tanuj while eating his idli with chopsticks “Companies now days decide their hiring plans up to 10 years in advance. For example, do you know that in 2021 Goldman Sachs plans to come for recruitment at engineering colleges in remote areas of Madhya Pradesh that are yet to be built. Or that Facebook is planning to hire bulk of its technical team in Asia from Babaji Ka Thullo Arts College in 2019. This demand from DESI is completely justified and gives students ample time to prepare their wardrobes for their first step in corporate world. I am all for it.”