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Engineering students call for nationwide strike as Goa bans late night parties

14, Apr 2017 By patrakar_popatlal

Tormented by Goa CM Manohar Parrikar’s decision, millions of engineering students called for a nationwide strike in protest of the ban on late night parties in Goa. The Bharatiya Aam Abhiyanta Party (BAAP) condemned the ban. Its secretary, Mr Arvind Ungliwala termed it as a blatant violation of fundamental rights. He has called upon the entire engineering community to come out in large numbers for the protest stated to be held tomorrow.

Every engineering college joins the protest
Every engineering college joins the protest

In a special note, he mentioned that attendance will be compulsory. And as a punishment, defaulters found putting proxy would be banned from Dota & CS clans. Insider sources claim that the call has stuck a chord with the masses as students have cancelled their plans for the upcoming 3-day long weekend, just like any Goa trip plan.

Following this horrendous decision, many engineering students resorted to inhumane practices yesterday. Paplu bhaiya, who runs a cigarette shop near the famous ICE is shocked as his sales have crashed. “Itna kam bikri to garmi ki chuttiyon me bhi nahi hota”, he lamented. Our special correspondent also reported that the night canteens at various hostels had meagre customers. “Humko laga TCS aayi thi placement me jo sab bachaa log gaye hain party karne” quipped Kishore Maggiwala. It was discovered later that all of them had locked themselves up since the news of the ban broke out. Mr Kishore, an alumni of ICE ventured in the night canteen startup after leaving TCS. He was ecstatic to have earned enough to pay the surety amount for resigning early. “I planned to visit Goa after this but this ban hit me harder than demonetization” said Kishore.

Due to the trauma, no students were available for comments in the hostel. Our reporter however managed to get a reaction from one of the students outside the library. When asked how he felt after the ban, Mr Maggu said that he was not aware of it as he was preparing for the upcoming semester exams to be held at the month end.