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Engineering students aspire to go to Tihar after it achieves 100% placement

09, May 2014 By Vikram

As soon as the news of Tihar Jail recording 100% placement was out, it became the most coveted institution among the engineering graduates of the country. Today, when most of IIMs fail to record 100% placement, Tihar Jail has done the unthinkable.

Tihar Campus Placement
Lucky guys

“The cost of MBA education has increased manifold. A student from a middle class family cannot afford such a high cost. And things turn worse if you take a loan and don’t get a job. For students like us Tihar Jail is the only ray of hope as you don’t have to pay anything and still get a job,” said Vineet Sharma who is currently pursuing his mechanical engineering from Global Technical University.

There are many more engineering grads and working professionals who now aspire to make it to Tihar.

Tihar Jail administration is flooded with queries of engineering students. Everyone wants to know the admission process. “We have a very clear policy. We don’t give weightage to your past record. The minimum requirement for admission to Tihar is burglary. We don’t entertain petty thieves,” said Rakesh Arora, Head of Admissions, Tihar Jail.

Various coaching institutions has also propped in the city to coach and guide students. Career Missile is one such institution. The institution offers coaching on burglary, kidnapping, murder etc.

Ram Ghosh, Director of the institution believes that it is very difficult for a student to make to Tihar without proper coaching and guidance. He adds, “Kidnapping and murder is not everyone’s glass of beer. But yes with our guidance and training everyone can make it to Tihar Jail.”

Last week, a student of the institution was caught by Delhi Police on charges of looting a shop. Ram is hopeful that he will be able to make it to Tihar and not some B level institution like IIMs who are not able to score a 100% placement.

Government is also planning to come up with many more such institutions in the country.

Swapnil Sibal, HRD minister said, “With increasing poverty, increasing unemployment, decreasing growth and widespread corruption need for Tihar like institutions has increased. We are planning to open more such institutions in the country. Tihar Lucknow, Tihar Indore and Tihar Kozhikode are already on the cards”.

However, Ramcharan Singh Yadav, Placement Coordinator, Tihar is concerned about the dilution of brand Tihar if government opens more such institutions.

“Our good placement has largely been the result of our distinguished alumni base which includes likes of L Raja, Raju Salem and Ramesh Kalmadi. New Tihars don’t have an alumni base, I don’t know how they will insure good placements. I am afraid they may become like new IIMs,” he added.

Meanwhile, opposition has demanded a 50% reservation for localities. “Cost of education is very high. Average fees of an MBA is approx. 14 Lakhs and not everyone can afford it. Also cost of living has increased many fold. Our students cannot afford such costly living. We want 50% reservation in Tihar for our people. Otherwise, we will go on a dharna,” said Rasik Thackeray, leader of opposition.