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Engineering students ask for Marks Neutrality in upcoming semester exams

23, Apr 2015 By uynamihba

Taking a cue from the recent protests against telecom companies lobbying TRAI, a number of engineering students across Bangalore have asked for marks neutrality in their up-coming semester examinations.

“These institutions are trying to create a two tier system which discriminates between students,” said Ramesh Suresh, a third year student from ABC College of Technology.

When it was pointed out that that was the purpose of exams, Suresh added, “Look we had a lot of important stuff to do this semester. First, there was the World Cup, then those Game of Thrones episodes got leaked and then the IPL started and next week there’s the Avengers. I mean how am I supposed to get time to study when I have to both cheer for Virat Kohli and boo his girlfriend at the same time?”

Marks in Exams
Everyone should be treated equally

Educators, meanwhile are not backing down. They have stuck to their stand that examinations measure a student’s academic performance.

“We have seen things like this many times. Few years ago, they wanted us to teach them things that they wanted to learn, after watching 3 Idiots. Before that, when they performed poorly, they blamed dyslexia, after watching Taare Zameen Par. Just a few months ago, a young female student came up to me and asked me to transmit my knowledge to her by touching her hands, after watching PK. That Aamir Khan should be banned, I tell you. Wait, what was your question again?” said Phunsukh Wangdu, professor of Computer Science at Imperial College of Engineering.

Sympathetic nerds like AB Maggu have decided  to take a moderate stand. “It is a very reasonable request. Ideally, they should be asking for a Marks Maxima, where all students get the highest marks possible but since that might affect the placement process they have asked for marks neutrality,” Maggu said, taking a moment to look away from his Microprocessors textbook.

The movement is still in its nascent stages and its leaders have outlined the steps for future action. “This is just the beginning. We will make a YouTube video explaining our position and ask all the viewers to write to AICTE about this. But first, we will be doing a roast with Karan Johar and Ranveer Singh,” said Suresh, whilst tweeting how awesome Avengers will be this Friday.