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Engineering Student to bunk college entire February to avoid Valentine’s Day discussions

30, Jan 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

Vishesh Kumar, a 3rd year Mechanical engineering student of Halwai Ram Engineering College has decided to bunk all his classes in February. Vishesh, who has never had a girlfriend, has taken this decision to avoid the topic of Valentine’s Day completely. During this time, he will stay inside his hostel room and will step out only to attend nature’s calls.

Speaking to Faking News, Vishesh Kumar said, “For the past 2 years Valentine’s Day has been a torturous time for me in college. All my batch-mates in other branches exchange roses, chocolates and stuffed animals with girls while I am left alone eating pastry in college canteen. The agony is not limited to Valentine’s Day alone. Several days prior to Valentine’s Day, they start asking who is your valentine this year and once this dreaded day is over, they start asking how was your valentine date?”

Valentine's Day
Last year, Vishesh kept this has his laptop wallpaper to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“Then there are the cousins of Valentine’s Day, Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Daddy Day, Chaddi Day, and I don’t know what other day, I have decided to play it safe and avoid college completely in February to avoid all these depressing days,” he went on to add.

When we asked Vishesh why can’t he simply ask any girl out, he said, “I have always been shy when it comes to talking to girls and being in Mechanical branch has severely limited my opportunities as we don’t have any girl in our class. Just getting introduced to a girl is a big achievement for us, forget dating any.”

“Earlier I wasn’t so depressed about not having any girls in the class as our Thermodynamics professor is really cute and just catching a glimpse of her in the department was enough to put a smile on my face. Now, even she has started dating that Material Sciences professor. Dhokebaaz!” he added with a sigh.

Vishesh’s room-mate Mahesh (also a Mechanical Engineering student) who was also present there told us, “I don’t think it is that big a deal. He will not be missing anything important. We will ensure he isn’t marked absent in classes by marking proxy attendance. I will also bring his food from the mess to our room and he will supply me chits in the bathroom during my reappear examination in exchange. Ours is a very symbiotic friendship.”

When we asked Mahesh why he is not following the footsteps of his room-mate and avoiding college in February, he said “I am not a pessimist like him. That Swati from Computers gave me a smile few months back while climbing the stairs. I am hoping to ask her out.”

 (P.S.- The writer of this ‘report’ was once a Mechanical Engineering student but this story is not a personal experience!!)