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Engineering student sues Mentos after poor performance in vivas

16, Sep 2014 By devangpatel

With the catchy headline of Dimaag ki batti jalaa de and a creative team better than half of the products out there, Mentos found itself in a tiff with a bunch of engineering students.

An engineering student from Mumbai, along with his batch mates and an online petition signed by 2000 engineers, filed a case against Mentos at the consumer forum.

Vivas at the end of any semester are a crucial part of the exams and hold a good quantity of marks. Intimidated by the rapid firing of questions by the examiner, Rajeev popped a mentos in order to enlighten the brighter corners of his brain.

It didn’t help. Getting tongue twisted and panicked, he gave incorrect answers and was shown the door. Within a week, a lawyer was hired and a case was filed.