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Engineering student made final year project on his own, college and colleagues in dilemma

09, Mar 2014 By Sarkeshwar

Mumbai. Satya Adela, a final year engineering student from a reputed engineering college in the city is believed to have made his final year project ‘on his own’.

Shocking example.
Shocking example.

A computer enthusiast, Satya is believed to be the first student in Mumbai University to achieve this feat in last 50 years. “As my interests and my engineering stream coincide, making project all on my own was not a big deal” said Satya, in a local news magazine after the news broke like wild-fire.

“His project ‘Automatic Parole Extender’ will revolutionize police-jail inmates relationship. Now all criminals have to do is just click ‘Request Parole’ on this android app and the rest is taken care off by the Superintendent of Police. He is working on the paid version of this app which will change your display picture to Sanjay Dutt for multiple parole sanctions in a year,” said Dr U. V. Ray, satya’s college principal.

Professors of his college are still in a state of dilemma as to reward him with good marks or punish him for breaking the tradition of buying ready-made projects. “Normally we give 90 out of 100 for a newly bought project, 85 if bought once used project and so on. These ready made projects are hassle free, don’t need guidance and work butter smooth” explained Prof J.K.Raman.