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Engineering student finds thousands of lost items worth one million dollar while cleaning his room

24, Oct 2014 By pratyush

Bhubaneshwar. The editors of every newspaper decided to turn their attention from the e tailing wars to a boys hostel in Odisha where a student cleaned his room for the first time in his four years stay.

Once, it was a gold mine.

It was a unique thing in itself as students just prefer to ‘Let everything stay where it wants to be’. But this extraordinary thing happened because the student’s parents threatened to stop sending him his pocket money if he did not clean his room. After hue and cry of 2 months, the poor student succumbed to the demands of his mother.

The student named ‘Raj’ started cleaning his room on the 23th of Septmber and was expected to finish it in the next 30 days before Diwali.

Though it was ambitious on his part, he decided to work 16 hours a day to do the needful. This noble decision to clean his room made him the most popular student in his college. He described a significant change in his friend’s behavior. Girls have started asking him out and the professors have become lenient on him.

When a Faking News correspondent asked him to measure the change, he simply replied,”Take a look at my Facebook profile. I got 400+ likes on my last profile picture change. That is something I can die for!”

He named the mission ‘Knocking on heaven’s door’ as he believed that doing such a deed will undo all the wrong things he has done his entire life.

But what followed was something that caught the awe of every one! Every corner in the room contributed hundreds of lost items adding up to $ 1 million worth of goods. He has made OLX the official partner of the mission and a live page has been set up. All the items found are put up for sale on the very same day.

On the 2rd day of sale, the number of hits on the site surpassed the BigBillionDay’s number of hits. A customer from Delhi said, “The best part of the OLX sale is that you don’t know what is coming next for sale.”

Raj thinks his initiative is on the lines of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan!