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Engineering student celebrates Independence day in his typical way

16, Aug 2014 By kachcha_khiladi

Indore. Tara Singh, a first year engineering student  at Moti Institute of Technology surprised everyone when he celebrated Independence day. Usually very non-patriotic and a lazy bum, Tara woke up early to his “Maa Tujhe Salaam” alarm tune disturbing the whole hostel. He then  attended the Flag Hoisting event and was gung-ho when he was back to hostel.

A normal Tara with friends
A normal Tara with friends

His room-mate Bharat who just woke up said, “After coming back from the event, Tara lambasted everyone for not caring for India and started his own Independence day speech. In an exclusive interview  to faking news Bharat said, “It was just like any other holiday and Tara hardly wakes up before lunch time during normal holidays. But, what the hell Tara had to feel different today”. Tara even said, “Yaar, aaj hawa mein alag si khushboo hai, aazadi ki.We should enjoy our freedom.

Bharat was amazed that Tara took  bath after 7 days . Bharat almost lost his vision when he saw Tara wearing a kurta, he then put a few eye drops and started coming back to life.

Tara then played his favourite patriotic songs playlist from youtube and was moved beyond imagination. Bharat remarked, “I could see the adrenaline pumping inside Tara who could have exploded anytime like Sunny paaji. After eating the tiranga pulaav in mess, Tara became a raging bull. He almost uprooted the water cooler tap near the mess and started chanting “Hindustaan Zindabaad!! Hindustan Zindabaad!!”

After few hours when entropy inside Tara subsided, he changed his facebook profile picture to a flag photo and put up a status ” Swantantra diwas ki hardik shubhkamnayein”  just to have that extra dose of patriotism when you type in Hindi.

The day ended by watching Upkaar, Border  and engaging in group discussion on big big topics like poverty, corruption, population, GDP .

The next day , Bharat had to take Tara to the doctor because his blood pressure shot up  post independence day. He was normal again in 2-3 days when he remarked, “Arre India bakwaas jagah hai, US aur  UK mein dekho kya development ho raha hai.