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Engineering student asks friend- "Ek Girlfriend Dila Do": Friend gifts him Chetan Bhagat’s 'One Indian Girl'

11, Feb 2017 By Vivek .

In a dramatic turn of events, an engineering student in Delhi named Mahesh has been admitted to AIIMS for treatment. He is in shock and is not willing to talk to anyone.

When our correspondent reached out to his friends, they explained what happened on that fateful night of 10th Feb 2017. Just like every day, Mahesh was busy stalking girls on Facebook. His latest DP was abysmal and had garnered only a couple of likes. One was his and the other was from his roommate as his laptop was not locked. He was liking and commenting on the pics of the girls from his college. Comments were mostly of single word like- Awwww, Wowwww, Great, Hotttt. Given his limited vocabulary, that was the best he was able to manage without sounding outright ‘despo’.

Specially meant for all those friendzoned boys
Specially meant for all those friendzoned boys

Then he checked the status of the friend requests he had sent to unknown beautiful girls. His request was neglected by those girls in the same manner as Rahul Gandhi is neglected in this country. That’s when one of his friends Sunil knocked on his door. Sunil was so happy as if Kejriwal just retired from politics. Finally, he was able to ‘set’ a girlfriend. Mahesh hated the news given the fact that Sunil was as bad looking and as unhygienic as he was.

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, there was additional pressure on Mahesh to get a girlfriend. Finally he said those magical words to Sunil- ‘yaar, meri bhi setting kara de. Ek girlfriend dila do’. Sunil said sure bro and told Mahesh to be ready for tomorrow evening as he will introduce him to the perfect girl. Mahesh took a bath after one week and was waiting in anticipation. In the evening, Sunil came with a gift wrapped box. Mahesh jumped on to the gift. When he managed to open the gift box, it contained ‘One Indian Girl’ written by Chetan Bhagat. Sunil was rolling on the floor laughing saying that this is the only Indian Girl that was willing to be with him for the Valentine’s.

Poor Mahesh was about to cry, but somehow withheld his tears and fell on the ground with pain in his chest. Fearing the worst, his friends rushed him to AIIMS where doctors told them it’s nothing to worry about; just a minor pain due to acidity. Hope he recovers soon and finds his ‘One Indian Girl’, not in hard copy, but in blood and flesh as well.