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Engineering student arrested for drawing cartoons on last page of his notebook

12, Sep 2012 By tushar92

In a shocking news coming from Jaipur, a 20-year-old engineering student named Mahesh has been arrested on charges of sedition after drawing a cartoon that depicted his university as a portal that converted normal humans into donkeys.

The cartoon was reportedly drawn during the last lecture with the intent to protest against the immense boredom and drowsiness afflicted on the student by his lecturers. The cartoon was discovered when Mahesh’s EDC professor asked him to show the notes he made the class write.

Following the discovery, a case was lodged and Jaipur Police arrested Mahesh and sent him to 14 days of judicial custody.

The incident has been met with shock and anger from engineering students all over the country who protested against Mahesh’s arrest by posting tweets and sharing posts from the Facebook page “I Want to Kill ‘Kasab’ (Every Indian MUST JOIN This PAGE)”.

Following the incident, Union minister Kapil Sibal has called for a nationwide ban on the last pages of notebooks. “The last page of a student’s notebook has turned into a safe house for vulgar scribbles and anti-national slogans. It’s a menace that needs to be curbed!” said Sibal.

Meanwhile, Rajesh has denied taking help of a lawyer by saying that he hasn’t done anything wrong by depicting the obvious truth about his infamous university and the kind of engineers it produces.

This move is evidently inspired from recently arrested IAC cartoonist Aseem Trivedi who is also the head of his city’s Anti-Barber Association.

The incident should be a welcome change for Mahesh’s University which is usually in limelight for late results and reports of exam copies being checked by janitors.

The university has decided to comment on the incident after it releases the 3rd Semester Revaluation result. Seeing that the 2nd Semester Revaluation result is still to come though one year has passed, we wouldn’t expect a quick reaction from the university any soon.