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Engineering student appeals university to distribute 16% of his total marks to needy

04, Dec 2013 By iamgreat

In what seems to be a very altruistic incident, Amit Singh a philanthropist and a Pune University student who secured 56% in university exams this year has decided to keep only bare minimum marks required for passing and donate all extra score to failing and needy graduates.

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When contacted Amit Singh told FN reporter, “We are in a university where 2% of total crowd own 98% of total marks. I have seen the agony and affliction of people getting backlogs. I have been oppressed by university myself. I have a friend who planted a banyan tree in his first year, it has now grown up and become a full fledged tree but the guy is still in first year. He now studies in its shadow during exam period. It shatters me to have extra marks while my friends fail.  So I decided to act, I have already written to university expressing my desire to give away extra score and I am hopeful about a positive response.”

“If we had more students like Amitji, there would be no failed students. Its for people like him that we still see our future in engineering. May God bless him with more and more marks” one of his classmates said.

Another possible beneficiary of Amit’s move termed him as Warren Buffett of Pune university. Amit Singh has also been conferred with a title of “Danveer” by Akhil Pune Year Down Parishad. University however has not yet expressed its approval over his desire.