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Engineering student accidentally takes a bath after 3 years while completing the Ice Bucket Challenge

22, Aug 2014 By Chinmay

In a move that was as surprising as sense being spoken by AAP, an engineering student today accidentally took bath after 1087 days since moving into the engineering hostel. The student, Churan Tyashi, also fondly known by the merger of his initials, was completing the Ice Bucket Challenge when this ghastly mishap occurred with him.

Churan’s source of inspiration.

Recalling the incident Mr.Churan said that his single minded devotion to not bathe for the complete engineering course could not be fulfilled now. When asked about who challenged him for this, Churan said that it was his engineering HoD who challenged him. Churan in the heat of the moment accepted the challenge and  thought that this was one challenge which was within his reach and that he could prove to his HoD that he wasn’t as useless as the HoD would call him during the lectures.

When the HoD was contacted by Faking News, HoD warmly greeted us by giving us a packet of Kaju Katli for him making Churan take that challenge. The HoD said this was a plan he thought after he saw the Ice bucket videos on the internet so as to make Churan touch water once again. He felt relieved that the constant stench that emanated from the college could be done away with for good.

When further probed by us on why he called Churan ‘useless’ the HoD said, ” Why would I call him useless? I would just say to him- ‘That deo, useless’ and this fool would just hear the word useless!! Now what to say? These kids nowadays just hear the words that are related to them during lectures like ‘attendance’ and ‘holidays’ and what not!” Before HoD could patronise us more we left the engineering department to catch up with his fellow colleagues.

The mood in the college canteen was sombre. When probed by us the students said that they had high hopes from Churan that he would beat the record set by a rival engineering college student who did not bathe for consecutive six years of his extended engineering program.

When we asked his best friend he said Churan was even planning to fail in some subjects in the coming semesters to finally defeat this streak. When asked with his peer group one of them said, “Yaar, now how will we have free samosas in canteen? We used to scare the canteen walah that we will unleash Churan’s stench in his canteen if he didn’t provide us free food. Now all this is gone, now even the canteen walah is looking to settle his dues with us!” While the male peers were the unhappy lot, the female counterparts were seen celebrating this accident as it now meant that their costly perfumes will now take effect in the class rather than this stench.

The general consensus among the college students was that though they may have been unsuccessful in beating the record, they are planning on recruiting a first year newbie to take this challenge. On hearing this though, the HoD has pleaded with ALS to conduct this Ice Bucket Challenge weekly so as to avoid wearing gas masks during lectures.