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Engineering college to start training students in skills of housemaids

19, Dec 2013 By thenocturne

With recent evidence coming to light that a housemaid in the U.S. of A earns 4500$ per month which is approximately equal to Rs. 2,70,000, an engineering college has decided to start a course which trains students in the skills of housemaids.

Engineers to learn new skills
Engineers to learn new skills

They hope that students will be able to get placed across good MNCs (Maid Needed Corporations) in the US and earn good salaries.

‘Every year, it is getting more and more difficult to place students. It was only due to the mass recruitment by IT companies that our placement numbers touched double digits last year’ says Prof.Q .Q . Qureshi , Dean of Shree Harbanslal Institute of Technology (S.H.I.T), the visionary college in question.

“We are aiming to start this course so that our students can go abroad and earn a good salary and thereby, achieve at least triple digit placements every year.”

A spokesperson for the committee which has proposed this path breaking new education model stated, “We are hopeful that we will get AICTE approval for this program and that we would be able to launch it from the next academic year. Students enrolled in it will get Ba.E degrees after four years. The first two years will consist of an extensive curriculum covering basic subjects like Dust Management( sweeping), Fluid Mechanics in Hygiene(mopping), Thermal Power & Nutrition(cooking ) and Advanced Chemical Studies( cleaning the pet’s litter box). In the last year, there will be various electives like Horticulture Studies (gardening), Design of Effective Play Times ( babysitting), Harpical Analysis (toilet cleaning) etc offered to the students. We also plan to roll out Master’s degrees within the next three years where students would be able to carry out studies in specific fields.”

These steps have received great applause from parents across the country. Mrs. Sengupta, mother of an engineering aspirant, commented, “This new course will surely help students get great dollar packages in the USA. I wish that my son gets a seat in this novel program. Even if he does not get a job in the US, he can help me with the housework which he has never done in his life. Engineering graduates usually join their father’s businesses but thanks to S.H.I.T, they will be able to join their mother’s businesses too.”

But, the Ba.E degree course has evoked mixed responses from students across the country. “It is not that we are against the course matter,” says Punit Verma who is planning to take the JEE and many anti-anxiety pills this year.

“But, if we do not get a job in a good house in the US , we cannot even lounge about at home silently listening to our parents’ taunts. We will have to use our housemaid skills and work in the house. Even entertaining such a thought is scary.”

It seems that in a typical Indian fashion, the lure of the dollar has claimed a few more idiots chasing the ‘Great American Dream’ and one can only hope that the guys over at Shree Harbanslal Institute of Technology clean up all the er.. S.H.I.T from their minds.