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Engineering college students dressed as Begger in hope of free liquor

04, Dec 2013 By Anuraj Pandey

New Delhi Delhi elections are on. As you would expect, dry day is on too. Engineering college students known for missing deadlines shockingly missed deadline of dry day and failed to buy liquor. Jack specialist students tried all their Jugaad but failed miserably.

Jubilant engineers after getting daru.
Jubilant engineers after getting daru.

That was a point when 5.someone thought of an idea. He suggested his friends to change their appearance as footpath poor chap and go over slums of the city, where B C party would be distributing free liquor. Most of them already didn’t take a bath since one or two week and therefore didn’t require any makeover. They distributed themselves in group in hope of collecting variety of liquor.

“Everything thing was going well, we underestimated government by thinking they would only provide cheap stuff. But it was close to Aam Aadmi stuff” said Pappu Tullu. To their surprise police identified these fake people when one of the student lost his control after two pegs and asked for “On the Rocks”. He even started fighting with party people saying “It’s your votebank, make it large”.

All such people were then arrested from different parts of city and brought together. Party as a penalty stuck a deal  with them to vote for their party. Few who refused to do so were badly tortured and made to watch Himmatwala and Houseful 2 in loop. Almost all AAP supporting students finally gave up. A police official told us in an exclusive interview that “we didn’t want to punish them while drunk, so we started with Houseful-2. When everyone gained control, we started with more severe torture Himmatwala”

This severe torture news spread across the city and Vella Student Organization has decided to organize a rally to show their protest soon after election.