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Engineering College in Chennai Promises Students Job Or Their Money Back

26, Jul 2012 By dont_you_dare_sue_me_for_damages

With admission season at its peak , business is pretty brisk for engineering colleges in southern India.In a bid to pip the competition one institute has advertised in a national daily guaranteeing jobs for all newly enrolled students or their money back!

When this author contacted Mr.Subra Mani proprietor, owner-cum-dean-cum-principal-cum-vice chancellor of the institute, he had this to say: “Every year we have a number of dim-wits, who can barely do basic two digit multiplication admitted into our reputed institution, we cant turn them away and risk hurting our profits. However they tarnish the hard earned reputation when they end up unemployed, so we came up with this radical offer to stay ahead of other colleges vying for students.”

Grinning from ear to ear he adds, “We plan on hiring everyone of our unemployed pass outs as lecturers, student counsellors, admission brokers, etc., hence solving the problem of unemployment and the lack of sufficient teachers in this country.”

When asked about implications on quality he says, “Most colleges only promise a degree, but we are doing one better by also guaranteeing employment, so it’d be unreasonable to ask anything more from us.”

This offer has caused quite a buzz though with the college being flooded with enquiries by students and parents alike as to the pay package, benefits to those to be hired under the scheme.