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Engineering college held for altering internal marks of last benchers, scandal named 'AggreGate'

12, May 2014 By vishaln

In a one-of-its kind revelation, one of Mumbai’s famous engineering colleges has been held responsible for tampering with the internal marks of back-benchers of the 2014 batch.

The marks of every subject in the course of engineering is divided into two sections, one for the theory paper which is solely based on the performance of the student (or his/her neighbouring student/s) and the other for the Viva or Practical exam. The allotment of marks for the latter is solely under the discretion of the college and it is here that the college in question has defaulted. Since this act of the college has drastically lowered the aggregate scores of the victims, this scandal has been trending on social media sites like Twitter under the name AggreGate, a measure often used to quantify the performance of the student.

While the college officials claim that its act is in the best interest of the students, parents of the victims have expressed shock over such harsh measures taken by the college.

“My son at least takes the efforts to go to college and sit at the last bench. Our neighbour’s brother’s son doesn’t even attend lectures claiming that the professors don’t teach anything. Yet he manages to pass,” said a troubled father of one of the victims. “In fact, I have seen him so many times with a girl from the same batch bunking lectures and going for movies,” added the mother. Soon this comment lead to a verbal spat between the two mothers of the victims.

Reports also claim that the victims were the same students who had paid donation money to the college for securing admissions and the college had promised to take full responsibility of them and their marks. Even more startling was the fact that the students claimed that professors tried to ask for more money if they wanted better marks.

Although it is still unknown why only the last benchers were made the target, a further probe into the matter revealed that the last benchers were supposedly the only students in the class. The rest of the students used to peep in through the back door and run away due to insufficient place at the last bench.

However, the dean of the college has been tight-lipped about the entire issue. “Hmmm… Hmmm…” was the only response we could get from him to all the questions asked. The reason cited was, as mentioned earlier, that he chose to remain ‘tight-lipped’.

Would this affect the number of students opting for engineering is a question that needs no answer since no one actually ‘opts’ for engineering but he/she is just pushed into it.

However, would this affect the intake of students in that particular college is, again, another question that needs no answer since it has the best companies coming for placements thanks to the strong connections of the Training and Placement Officer on LinkedIn.

Investigations are still underway and a technical paper presentation on the AggreGate Scandal is expected by the end of the semester.