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Engineering college dog puts on weight after eating birthday cakes

07, Feb 2014 By kachcha_khiladi

Allahabad. Babban, a street dog  who started roaming the streets of Moti Institute of Technology just last year has put on a lot of weight due to his midnight eating habits.

Fat dog

In an exclusive interview to Faking News, Raju a fourth year student told that Babban has been eating chocolate brownie and blueberry cheese cakes everyday at birthday celebrations. Most of the times, the birthday boy doesn’t get a piece of cake but Babban does.

Raju also said, “He is the real dude of our college. All those who say ‘All men are dogs’ is bullshit. We can’t enter the girls hostel, but Babban can. He even gets to eat the full cake there, because all girls just run away when he steps in.

Since there are birthday’s everyday and sometimes two or three on the same day, he has become a party animal. Earlier he used to chase cars and bark at them, so there was some physical activity in his life. But now, he keeps lying in our hostel wing just like we guys do.

Last night Babban was all high and went berserk when he had a rum cake. He pissed on two legs and did not bark the whole night. Babban is really having a blast on the other side of the college gate and epitomizes the fact that “College di gate de is taraf hum life ko nachate hai … te duji taraf life humko nachati hai”.