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Engineering College becomes top recruiter on its own campus

05, Dec 2013 By Golden Tooth

Bhoddol, Punjab: A reputed engineering college Placement Institute of Engineering & Technology (PIET) reached a milestone when it became top campus recruiter of its students. On its way to top it pipped giants like Infosys, IBM, HCL and other BPOs which over the years had been recruiting the most number of engineering students from its campus.

Condition of Unplaced Engineers.
Condition of Unplaced Engineers.

Mr Ahankar, the head of placement committee who sounding somewhat like Mr Manmohan Singh said “it’s a proud moment for our college. We remain committed to provide 100% placements to our students.”

Mr Ahankar disclosed that they have recruited ten Junior Lecturers this year at a “very good ” package, though he didn’t confirm the CTC of the students citing security reasons for the students and their families.

A proud dean of college Mr Asthana said “It was vision of our college to be at the top. Right now we are the only engineering college to be the top recruiter of its own students. I am sure we have started a trend of in-house placement in the realm of engineering colleges.”

Asked about the secret behind the success of his college, Mr Astana said “When we started we weren’t really a great engineering to begin with as far as placement was concerned, but then my numerologist suggested putting an extra word “placement” in front of our college name and my MBA wife put a punch line “No Pun Intended”. Since then our fortune changed, so even when IT companies slowed hiring and BPOs closed their doors, we picked up hiring on our campus”.

Ghissu Kumar (Name changed) one of the selected candidates expressing happiness said “It’s better than BPO job you see, where one get paid less for more work whereas in PIET I will be paid good for no less work”

While only a few got the job, there were few unlucky candidates like Mechanchi Sharma who couldn’t make the cut. He was not allowed to sit in placements for he had already accepted offer of Lucky Garage from the campus. He was initially emotional, though after gaining control over his emotions, with an accent of a mechanical engineer he replied “I don’t feel unlucky for not getting the job, after all no one enjoys continuously driving the same bike on which, he once learned riding.”