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Engineer updates resume: 'Linking Aadhaar successfully' as skill, gets hired!

25, Dec 2017 By AdityaSachan

Anshul Sharma has successfully bagged a lucrative offer from MNC after showing of his skill of linking Aadhaar with everything in existence. We inquired more about it.

“I have been typical Sharma Ji ka beta throughout my life. My neighbors used me as an example to their kids, be it my studies or Naagin dance, I stood as ‘Mohalla Idol’ (Neighborhood Champion). After I started working, I was bogged down with typical boring work. I used to code, make presentations. Then debug and make further presentations. And soon lost my fame.

Shocked seeing his appointment
Shocked seeing his appointment

It was after government announced about linking Aadhaar with your bank account, PAN account, LPG connection, Ration card etc. when I saw this as opportunity to regain my lost fame in neighborhood”, says proud Sharma Ji.

‘I was first person in my neighborhood to link Aadhaar successfully of my entire family with everything. Soon the word spread out, and people came to me seeking my advice and clarifications. People walked in with confusions and left happily after I linked their Aadhaar to various other accounts. This also made me realize famous quote ‘common sense is not so common’ or as I say, ‘Aadhaar sense is niraadhaar’. I updated this unique skill and started applying for new jobs.’, Sharma Ji explains while showing off his Aadhaar linked status of various accounts.

‘Yes it is true, but when HR asked me the unique and unheard question of: Tell me your strengths’, and I told about my Aadhaar linking skills. He was shocked and immediately asked me to link his Aadhaar with PAN, which I did in minutes. I was hired immediately.’, adds Sharma Ji.

Disclaimer: Sharma Ji has not helped the author to link his Aadhaar account. Any such instances are purely coincidental.