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Engineer thrown off the plane before takeoff after he fails to follow rules

07, Nov 2013 By Preetam Adwani

The aeroplane was tilted to slide passengers like Ketan out.

A 25-year-old engineer, Ketan Raghu Kapoor had an unforgettable experience with Air France even before the flight took off from Mumbai to Paris.

Ketan wrote an open letter to Alexandre De Juniac, chairman and CEO of Air-France KLM expressing his anger. The letter went viral after Ketan shared it on Facebook and twitter every 2 minutes.

According to the sources, Ketan claims that his short name KRK even trended on twitter for 2 mins and 8 seconds. Experts report says the KRK might have trended for Kamaal Khan but Ketan denied the expert reports calling the experts as racists.

“They are racists. They asked me to step off the flight even before takeoff,” roared Ketan when Faking news caught up with him.

“I was only updating my Facebook and Twitter status every 3 minutes and letting my 354 Facebook friends and 99 twitter followers know about my very first flight experience, but these airline guys asked me to switch off my phone for takeoff. On my refusal, they used bad language with an abusive accent and forced me out. They are racists,” said Ketan expressing his anger

When Faking News asked Ketan to give more clarity for calling the airlines racists, he said, “I use a Samsung phone but it seems they give premier treatment only to Apple users. The moment I brought my big phone close to them, they noticed that I don’t use iPhone and forced me out. If this is not racism than nothing is.”

Ketan’s boss was extremely upset and has condemned this incident. “Ketan never worked in office and was always busy on his phone updating Facebook and twitter updates. The client kept bashing me about the project delays. So I tried to play a master stroke by sending him onsite to face the client. But it seems my plan failed,” he said while playing Angry birds on his phone.

One of Ketan’s Facebook friend, on the assurance of anonymity confirmed that Ketan had already created a Facebook album by the name of Paris and had uploaded 54 “coming soon” pics in it.

Air France officials defended their staff in a press conference – “Even after the announcement, he did not switch off his cell phone and was busy with his phone. He continuously took pictures of 2 of our air hostess.”

When asked why didn’t the airline try to explain him rather than treating him so harshly, the officials clarified, “We explained him that his phone signals can affect the plane’s system which can endanger the life of its passengers, to which he showed something on his mobile display and said that he did not care about life as he had a full quota of 5 lives in candy crush. We got more annoyed and forced him out. On his way out, he checked the name badge of our air hostess. Later we found out that he continuously poked each one of them on Facebook”

Ketan’s father Raghu who was extremely upset over the incident. “We have suffered a major loss. When we knew that our son was going abroad, we increased the dowry from monthly supply of 5 liters petrol to monthly supply of 5 Kgs onions but now we will have to go back to petrol,” he said as tears rolled down his eyes.

This is not the first incident on racism reported against Air France. There have been getting open letters in the past too. The nation wants to know when this all will stop.