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Engineer chooses not to do MBA after B.E, family in shock

28, Jan 2014 By advancedexter

When a boy is born, families say “Mera Beta Engineer Banega”. In their mind they say “Uske baad MBA karega”. Aryan Kataria, a resident of Sanpada shocked his family when he told them that he would stick to his passions and would not go for higher studies.

Any thing for you.
Aim of almost every engineer, except few.

He even removed the poster ‘I am what IIM’ from his room which his dad had proudly hung when he learnt how to tie his shoelace in the second standard.

His dad  told our reporter, “It is ghoulish of him to not pursue an MBA. I mean isn’t the whole purpose of Engineering to be 21 years of age just so that you are eligible for a management degree?” His mom already has deactivated his account which she was running on his behalf on shaadi(dot)com.

His family is totally distraught at his decision. His mother has filed a case against Complan and Chyavanprash  for making her falsely believe that those products could sharpen his thinking. His mom told our reporter, “I spent around 20 lakh rupees on these products and all i got in return was my kid saying he wants to follow his heart now. It is simply against humanity that my kid is not choosing to do an MBA and instead follow his heart. This is India. We dont allow kids to do that here. Even if his wife makes round rotis, she will never love him because he is only an Engineer. Kids will say- mera papa sirf Engineer.”

His parents also have sued the makers of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ which show Howard Wolowitz (only an Engineer) successful. They say such shows dilute the thinking of young students. His dad said whenever we had ‘THE TALK’ which every family dreads, we always told him to respect the CAT and not use slangs like Pussy (which means a CAT). He said how important the CAT is to instill values in a kid.

His relatives lined up for discussion. We gave all a chance to speak. His distant uncle told our reporter, “The kid has ruined our family name”. Another fat disgruntled aunty commented on his decision- “We did not invite these people to house aise hi. We thought after doing IIM, he would treat us royally. All in vain.” She reportedly unfriended the Engineer family on Facebook.

Meanwhile his father has brought another poster saying , “Mera Pota IIM karega” in the hope that at least his grandson will not follow his heart. He had also applied for a surname change to CATaria so that his grandson gets inspired by their new family name.