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Engineer caught doing Open Heart surgery, dlaims typographical error in the name board

25, Jun 2015 By electroman

In a dramatic sting operation carried out in a private hospital today, an Engineer was caught red handed while doing a open heart surgery. This raid was conducted on several tip offs and complaints received from many patients who were treated by the fake doctor.

The patients started noticing a few odd things about the doctor during his consultation which has led to the flow of complaints to the vigilance squad.

The patients said that the fake doctor recommended changing the batteries of the body’s internal clock. He claimed that it was the cause of irregular heartbeats. He also told the patients that he buys original tricuspid valves from his nephew’s hardware shop. The nurses were also doubtful when he marked the incision area in the chest with a drafter.

The fake doctor was performing an open heart surgery when he was caught. He agreed to the officials that he is actually an engineer. He also told the officials that anyways he was in the middle of an operation and he would like to finish it.

He claimed that the board hanging outside his office had a typographical error. He said that he was under the impression that it said Civil Engineer. When he saw clients come in to his office and asked him to perform heart operations, he had no other choice but to perform the operations.

He had a sudden revelation that there is not much difference between civil engineering and heart surgery. It involves digging inside a chest building bypass and closing holes etc. So he continued performing all the heart surgeries.

He said the there are other fake doctors in the previous street who are doing the same thing he is doing now. The Vigilance squad asked him if a pig eats Sh*t, would he eat Sh*t as well. For that he was not having any answers.