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Engineer brings bag full of certificates, thrown out of interview

25, Feb 2014 By captaincool

In an event which shook the entire student community, Pardeep Jangi a.k.a Jagya a fourth year engineering student at Sarva Sampan College of Engineering was thrown out of the interview room, for bringing a bag full of certificates.

Pile of trash

When a faking news reporter tried to contact Pardeep he was unavailable and after some soul searching was found at Raju Paan Beedi shop outside the campus gate, probably reducing the piled up stress.

“What have I done wrong?” shouted Pardeep even before reporter could open his mouth to ask a question. What happened exactly? the reporter asked . “What can I say? Ask them !!” a disappointed Pardeep replied.

“I have a bunch of certificates, the collection of which I started right from my first year.  I was shocked when I was asked to show my resume. How dare they even ask for it, forget reading it carefully. I am the most eligible bachelor for the job but they fail to recognize it. I bet that HR guy has done his  MBA from a low grade college. Had he done it from IIPM he would definitely have discovered the Kohinoor in me. “

But having certificates is an advantage? asked the reporter. “Absolutely,” said Pardeep with a smile as someone finally sounded logical to him.

“I have received certificates due to my hard work and they are all due to my contribution to different fields like making colourful designs on chart papers which advertise up coming events, to organizing fashion shows during events. Also for defacing painting the wall with the festival’s name. And all these with an impressive 52% in semesters.”

But that’s not first class, argued the reporter. “Yes, but add 8% as the certificate quota, idiot,” said Pardeep with full force. What next? asked the reporter.

“I will preserve these certificates and will carry them all the way to Ahmedabad.” Why Ahmedabad? asked the reporter.

“During my interview at IIM-A, they will definitely praise my performance and admit me.”

The reporter fainted on the spot and was in coma when last report came in.