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Employee promoted to manager on refusing to work

18, Sep 2013 By The Gun

Bangalore : In an incident similar to an English movie, an employee was promoted to Manager when he refused to work. He was considered as being unsuitable for his current designation of Software Engineer.

Experts says this pose is best suited to become a manager.

Baaghi, a middle-aged man, spent his entire youth living with lifeless lines of code working in the software industry. He was seldomly rewarded and loaded with piles of work. Working as a software developer in FullRest Systems at Bangalore, Baaghi delivered all work with high diligence and quality. He was not expecting a promotion in the few years to come looking at his more deprived colleagues.

Short of rewards and promotions in his current job, he found a job in another company which agreed for a joining date of about three months later. Baaghi planned to get terminated from his company to receive a lusty separation package of six months’ salary before joining his new job.

Chetan refused to work and said a big NO to every assignment he was given. He came late to office, left early, skipped meetings and played computer games all the little time he spent in office. After about a month reciting to his changed behavior, he was summoned by the upper management and handed a letter. Glad expecting it to be a pink slip, he was taken aback to read his promotion letter.

It excerpted  to – “The organization has identified the necessary skills for a new role and decided to promote you to SOFTWARE MANAGER. We are glad  to communicate this to you and  confident that you will accept the challenge“.Also reading between the likes, he deciphered, “Since you do not work anymore, you will do exceeding well as a manager.”

According to our faking sources, Baaghi was first considered for Technical Marketing. Later , the idea was dropped as he was not wise enough and suited to be a People’s Manager. “He would delegate work well as he doesn’t like doing it himself”, quoted a HR Manager.

His colleague Rahul said to Faking News, “Baaghi has been doing the good work all these years and has been rewarded for that “. He did not notice the real reason behind the promotion. Like the workforce mass, he failed to learn a lesson from what occurred in his office.

[Inspired by the must watch movie “Office Space”]