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Employee fired from office for dancing in his boss' wife's funeral

18, May 2015 By abirsinha

An eye-witness told the reporters that Chandu (name changed) suddenly started dancing near the boss’s deceased wife with a phone in his hand. Everyone attending the prayer ceremony were shocked to see such a ludicrous behavior.

The boss admonished him instantly and fired him for dancing. Chandu vehemently denied the allegations. But the boss was unrelenting. The Boss fired him with immediate effect demanding an explanation. Chandu was working with an MNC specializing in exporting cow dung to European countries.

On contacting Chandu, he explained that he wanted to upload a selfie with the corpse but realized he ran out of data. He was shaking his phone to get latest recharge deals in Airtel’s mobile app per their latest ‘Khan Khan Khan’ campaign. The boss was unavailable for comment. He replied ‘F U AIRTEL’ when messaged by reporters.