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Employee decides to marry for the second time to get a leave

11, May 2014 By maddysan

It was astonishing to know that a dedicated employee from the corporate world decided to marry for the second time just to take a break from work. He seemed too joyful when he last updated his status as “Yipee, Getting married again”. He thought that would give his boss enough evidence until the wedding cards were printed.

This employee Mr. Kaamkar Marke was as dedicated towards his company as a mother is towards her child. The only difference being that mothers don’t get paid.

Thinking about the break..

Kaamkar explained how he works almost 12-13 hours a day and by the time he manages some time for his lunch its already evening. An emotional Kaamkar’s mother was quoted as saying “One day he joined this company and went to office and he has never returned back”. However, irrespective of all the stress, he worked with dedication.

But his worry began a few weeks back when he was not given a leave for his daughter’s open house this summer. He wanted to personally talk to the teacher and ask why his daughter failed to score more than 35 marks in Maths every time in spite of taking private tuitions with the class-teacher herself.

At office, whenever he applied for a leave for genuine reasons like home renovation, loose motions, backache etc., it would get declined stating some month-end, quarter-end, year-end or sometimes even week-end. He said “It’s very strict out here. All the time, you have to be alive and work with deadlines.” Then finally, he decided that he will take a break from his work and the only way he found out to get a leave was to marry for the second time after applying for a marriage leave.

Sadly, an HR executive was quoted as saying that marriage leaves are provided only for the first legal marriage. Just hope that Kaamkar talks to his HR manager before getting the wedding cards printed.

By MaddySan