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Electronics engineer opts for 4 week internship at tea stall

29, Jul 2014 By tusharbiyani

A prefinal year electronics engineer Raju opted for training at LALLU tea stall at chandni chowk rather than following his classmates who opted for industrial training in VLSI and Embedded systems . He told us that he doesn’t believe in “bhaid chaal” and want to follow his dreams . Raju told us that he got inspired from Rags to Riches story of a tea selling Indian in Slum dog Millionaire and Prime Minister Narendra Modi He further reminded us there are more job opportunities in tea making than in engineering. At LALLU tea stall he has enrolled for

Flying high
Flying high

1. 1 week course in water boiling techniques 2. 1 week course in mixing technology which includes mixing suger and tea in apppropriate proportions 3. 2 week course in various tea such as adrak chai , lehsoon chai , elaichi chai etc. 4. 2 day vocal training that would help to build a proper pitch “CHAI CHAIIII CHAIIIIIIYA”

Raju told us that he dreamt of being a tea vendor from his childhood but some neighborhood IT professional forced him to get into engineering .He told us that he loves tea making more than evaluating Standing Wave Ratio of transmission lines and finding super turnstile antenna’s bandwidth on MATLAB

Raju is further planning to open a tea khokha near BSNL RF tower after completion of course, as a lot of people come there to fetch mobile network and raju looks at them as his potential customers . Raju has written a letter to the Prime Minister to promote the course in tea making, so that he could convert non functional PSUs into tea khokhas so as to increase GDP and provide employment oppertunities to various private engineering college students.

LALLU has 20 Interns who are training at his tea stall and a flock of trained engineers vending tea at various bus stands and railway stations . He says ACHE DIN AANE WALE HAI and soon all vacant spaces will be occupied by khokha owners.