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Election Commission seizes Rs.1500 Crore cash plus goods in Tamil Nadu in one day

02, Apr 2014 By rajs

Rs.1500 Crores worth in cash and goods worth of Rs.1500 Crores were seized by Election Commission (EC) officials during their raids across Tamil Nadu ahead of the April 24 Lok Sabha polls, a senior election official said in Chennai today. The Election Commission has successfully conveyed the message in many clippings that offering and receiving money for votes is illegal and would attract one year imprisonment.

The following are the reported seizures, although election commission couldn’t confirm them.

1) From 190 Five Star Hotel -from the Cashier – Rs.0.002 Crore to Rs.0.10 crores (they say it was the day’s collection-EC doesnt want to agree with them) = Its feared by Election Commission that Foreign persons would have left huge cash to be distributed to voters staying in this hotel.Total catch Rs.5 crores.

2) From parents of brides in Marriage Halls all over the State, Minimum was Goods worth of Rs.0.001 crores and Cash worth of Rs.0.002 crores,Maximum was cash Rs.0.1 crores and goods 0.2 crores EC suspects that this amount could be earmarked to be distributed to guests who could be Voters receiving cash for vote. Total collection Rs.100 crores.

3) In the City’s 3000 Cloth Stores 120000 suspicious men and 184000 women who were about to enter those Cloth were carrying cash ranging from Rs.1,000 to Rs.20,000 totalling Rs.250 Crores in one day operation. Apart from that there were equal no of people who were coming out of the Cloth stores who were carrying goods worth of Rs.300 crores which were also seized by squads.

4) In the biggest haul of the day around jewellery shops Cash seized from customer-turned-cash holders was Rs.750 crores and Jewellery goods from the shops which were kept to distribution to those customer-turned-jewel-holders was Rs.700 crores. 5) In the educational institutions from pre-KG to Professional Colleges across the State suspicious parents who were carrying Cash in the disguise of remittance into those institutions was to the tune of Rs.500 crores which was seized. The goods in the name of Certificates which were kept for safe keeping to be distributed to the Young voters who just join as first time voters was specially valued to be around Rs.1000 crores.

There were stories of crying, weeping,agitation,smashing of Public Transport in the City after this catch.Reports of suicides from abrupt marriage stoppages to Seat losses in Ednl institutions are pouring in. But EC is reluctant to stop its suspicion on any money and its seizures.

“For us only Cash and Goods are coming up in the Dreams also. We are planning to catch them too from now onwards” said the Chief Election Commissioner, “so that no cash or goods is involved inthe elections”.

Asked how EC managed to have those many staff to do such operation, EC clarified that “We used the regular Police,Revenue Officials,Government Staff,Educational Institution staff, who are experienced in seizure of anything brought by anybody in their vicinities for many many years.”

There were news paper reports saying the entire State was paralysed without any activities as money and goods were not available to do anything.

Everybody is looking for Elections to be over to do any thing involving money and goods.

A question about “Do you think this is the proper Anarchy that you were talking about?” thrown at AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal is still unanswered.